Help for Police, Parole, Corrections, Dispatchers and Probation Officers


Help for Firefighters


Help for Paramedics and Emergency Medical

Mental Health Professionals

Help for Mental Health Providers, Social Workers and Therapists

"All people that help people are on the frontline"

Our Vision-

To identify and support those who help and serve others, to live their best, most healthy life. First responders are selfless; the work they do can deplete them mentally and physically. Our goal is to offer unbiased and unconditional education and support to those who give more to others than to themselves. [Learn More]

"Trauma creates changes you don't choose.  Healing is about creating change that you do choose."

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Advocate to

Police and Parole Officers

Champion of

Firefighters and EMS

Defender for

Mental Health Professionals and Social Workers

To raise awareness about:

• Mental health
• Suicide
• Vicarious trauma
• Workplace violence
• Signs and symptoms of burnout and fatigue
• Maintaining healthy relationships outside of the job
• How to recognize when we need help, and to combat the stigma of asking for help
• How to increase healthy coping skills
• Peer Support
• How family members and loved ones can help

Front Line Rescue is a non-profit organization. 501(c)(3)

We are dedicated to providing training and resources to those on the front line

Core Values-

1. Dignity and Respect for those who serve people in need, no matter the capacity
2. Everyone is on their own journey to wellness and everyone is starting at a different place.
3. Preservation of life at all costs.

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